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Produce Partner

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We are a wholesale produce brokerage located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

We specialize in a wide variety of the best mushrooms our local farmers have to offer. We can provide you with mushrooms at their peak of freshness all year round, as well as a variety of fresh spinach and other produce. We maintain the highest standards for quality and timely delivery. You are committed to providing your customers with the very best, and we would like to partner with you to uphold that commitment.


We offer prime-quality fresh mushrooms, both rinsed and dry, in a variety of case sizes as well as flats of vacuum-cooled, retail-packaged mushrooms in a variety of sizes and case packs to suit your specification.

Additionally, wild and dried mushrooms are available by preorder. Please inquire as to availability.

White Mushrooms


10 lb Jumbo
10 lb Button
84 ct Tray Pack
5 &10 lb Large
10 lb Sliced
2/5 lb Plastic Tub Sliced
10 lb Silver Dollar
3 lb Fancy
10 lb Medium
3 lb Specials


6 oz. Whole and Sliced
14 oz. Whole Stuffers
24 oz. Whole Stuffer
8 oz. Whole and Sliced
16 oz. Whole and Sliced
40 oz. Whole Large
10 oz. Whole and Sliced
16 oz. Stuffer

Brown Mushrooms


5 lb Crimini Whole and Sliced
5 lb Port Caps 6”
10 lb Crimini Whole and Sliced
5 lb Port Caps 4 ½”
5 lb Large Portabella
5 lb Port Caps 3 ½”
5 lb Medium Portabella
5 lb Sliced Portabellas
5 lb Baby Portabella


8 oz. Baby Bella Whole and Sliced
24 oz. Baby Bella Whole
10 oz. Baby Bella Whole and Sliced
6 oz. Portabella Whole and Sliced
16 oz. Baby Bella Sliced
14 oz. Jumbo Portabella Caps

Exotic Mushrooms


3 lb Shiitake #1
3 & 5 lb Grey Oyster
3 lb White/Brown Beech
3 lb Shiitake #2
3 lb Yellow Oyster
3 & 5 lb Exotic Blend
3 lb Large Shiitake
3 lb King Oyster
3 lb Shiitake Caps
3 lb Maitake


4 oz Exotic Blend
3.5 oz Grey Oyster
3.5 oz Maitake

3.5 oz Shiitake Whole
3.5 oz Yellow Oyster
3 oz Enoki

3.5 oz Shiitake Sliced
6 oz King Oyster



Fresh savory spinach is available in bulk and retail packaging.

10# Bulk (4×2.5#)
8/10 oz. Cello Pack



We offer a variety of fresh seasonal produce, from avocados to watermelon.

Contact us to find out what is currently available, or if you are looking for a specific product.