Buy Dried Mushrooms

Buona Foods offers a line of the most sought-after and flavorful dried mushrooms available.
Now you can enjoy seasonal flavors all year long!

Dried Mushroom Varieties

Available in 6/0.5 oz. retail clamshells or 1 lb. foodservice bags:

• Porcini
• Chanterelle
• Morel
• Shiitake
• Stir-Fry Mix (wood ear, white button, oyster, and shiitake)
Other varieties are available by special request.

So, why should you give your customers the option to buy dry? Because dried mushrooms have a concentrated flavor. Because they’re available year-round (wild mushrooms have very limited seasons). Because their shelf life is indefinite when stored in a cool, dark, dry place. And because the liquid used to reconstitute the mushrooms can add additional flavor to any dish.

To use dried mushrooms, soak them in warm liquid (water or broth) for 30 minutes and add to any recipe that calls for mushrooms—which is every recipe if you ask us!